About the union

“The purpose of the Homeowners' association is to take care of the members' current and future common interest of any kind in the Homeowners' association's area.“
Ligeledes at varetage medlemmernes interesser overfor offentlige myndigheder.”

About the Homeowners' Association

It is the task of the current board of directors to translate the Homeowners' Association's purpose clause into actions. This is done in practice by participating in political consultation rounds that cover our area. In addition, through active membership of the Green Forum, we help to influence the development in Vejle - also for the benefit of our district. 

Being a member of the association is voluntary, and a one-year subscription costs only DKK 200. This can be paid in the following ways:

MobilePay – add your address : 20185
Homebank - add your address : cart type 01, account 12 454 422
Danske Bank - add your address : reg. no 1551 account 12 454 422

By being part of the association, we have a strong unity and basis for contact with the municipality. We have a bigger voice when proposals are issued by the municipality about the area. You have the opportunity to borrow various common tools (see our selection HERE ). In addition, you are also very welcome to participate in our events, or take advantage of our open area at Dalvej , which is available to everyone in the area. In the same place, we have stored our common tools, which are made available to members free of charge according to specified rules.

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