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Trædballe Grundejerforening
Nyhedsbrev april 2024

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We are happy to invite you for the 2024 general meeting in Vejle FC. There will be coffee, cake and soft drinks for those who show up. We would like to see as many people as possible show up and share your experiences with what is happening in the area. Together we stand stronger.

Activities and events since the last general meeting

Waste collection in collaboration with Denmark's Nature Conservation Association. We collected quite a few bags. Many thanks to those who helped.

Unfortunately, St. Hans was not held in 2023 as there was a burning ban. We hope to be able to hold it on Rubjergvej this year.

The flea market on Vestbanevej was well visited and it seemed that people got to know each other. We will continue the success again this year.

Construction at Borgvej and Vardevej is in full swing. We have continuously taken up the concerns that residents in the area have had with the developer.

From Tryg, we have been granted a defibrillator and held a defibrillator course where 3 people from Trædballe participated and passed with a diploma. In addition, the defibrillator has been installed at Dalvej 14. Many thanks to Jørn for installing it. Now there is a shorter route to a defibrillator for heart runners in the area. See how you can become a heart runner at

Changed lights on Trædballe Grundejerforening's trailer so that it is legal again.

The pump in the basement at Dalvej 14 unfortunately broke, so there was 20 – 30 cm of water in the room. We have therefore had to replace it, and now the room is back to normal.

We have received a grant from Vestbyen Local Council to renew Dalvej 14 with flower seeds, table bench sets and soccer goals. On 4th and 5th of May we will have a working weekend where we will try to realize the plans. We hope as many as possible will show up for a few lovely days.

The mentioned points will be elaborated to the general meeting.

Agenda for the general meeting Wednesday the 24th of April from 19.30 – 20.30 at Vejle FC's rooms (Vestbanevej 1A)

Below you will find the agenda:

1. Selecting a coordinator

2. Report

3. Financial Accounting

4. Proposals - should be received no later than 8 days before the general meeting by email or direct contact to the board.

5. Determination of the yearly membership fee

6. Election – The chairman, board member and auditor are elected in even years.

7. Any other business

Support for the landowners' association

REMEMBER In addition to showing your support for the community, a membership also allows you to rent various tools. To become a member, you can pay DKK 200 in one of the following ways:

1) MobilePay at 20185

2) Account transfer Reg: 1551 Account: 12 454 422

3) Locate more options on the website 

REMEMBER to add your address in the transfer, so we can keep track of who has paid when, for example, tools are to be lent.

Year wheel 2024

Below you will find the year wheel for 2024. If there are points you would like to help arrange, or have something you would like to add, please feel free to contact us.

  • Sunday 14th of April 2024: Waste collection.
  • Wednesday 23rd of April 2024 at 19:30: General meeting.
  • The weekend 4th & 5th of May: Working weekend, Dalvej 14.
  • Sunday 23rd of June 2024: Sankt Hans at Rubjergvej 10.
  • Sunday 11th of August 2024: Flea market on Vestbanevej.
  • Saturday 7th of September 2024: Inauguration of Dalvej 14
  • Sunday 13th of October 2024: Apple pressing for juice.
  • Thursday, October 31st, 2024: Halloween. We encourage you to decorate and make Trædballe spooky. We suggest that if you put a pumpkin at your door, children are welcome to knock on the door for "trick or treats" - handing out candy.
  • December: We encourage you to get the Christmas spirit out of the living rooms and into the streets.

The board of Trædballe Landowners Association

Contact, general information and comments

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