Newsletters 2020

Newsletter September 2020

Big changes in and around Trædballe

As many probably know, the Ny Rosborg project has begun. In addition, there are new larger buildings on the way in Trædballe. Separation of rain and wastewater. And we have the connecting road that is being built between the road Vejledalen / Vardevej and the district Urhøj. So a lot is going to happen to the area around us for the next while. We from the board are in contact with the municipality, and need your support to continue this collaboration.

A membership also provides the opportunity to rent various gear. To become a member, you can, for example, pay DKK 200 in one of the following ways:

1) Mobile Pay 20185
2) Account transfer Reg: 1551 Account: 12 454 422

REMEMBER to add you address in the transaction!

For more information and to see which tools you can borrow, visit our website , Facebook or contact the board.

Activities and events during the year

If you did not have time to participate in the events during the year, here is a little of what we have been doing:

  • Shrovetide.
  • Cleaning up the old playground.
    • Suggestions for what the area can be used for are welcome.
  • Contact to the municipality regarding Ny Rosborg.
    • Suggestions for where Hyttebyen can be located.
  • Contact to the municipality regarding evelopment of the property on which is adjacent to Borgvej and Dalvej.
  • World clean-up day.

Due to COVID19, however, we have had to cancel other events. It also takes a bit of your commitment to keep Trædballe exciting and running.

Upcoming events and activities

According to the articles of association, we should have held a general meeting in the third quarter. We had planned it for October 1st, but due to COVID19 we have to cancel before we get the invitation sent out.

Other topics

We welcome good ideas, changes or challenges you have in Trædballe or for the website. Stay tuned to Facebook and the website for more updates!

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